1. 25.04. - 19h


  2. Mata’s toy cars


  3. Torn



  5. Dane





  9. untitled on Flickr.


  10. Anonymous asked: What did you feel capturing that picture, and what do you feel now inspecting it, tell me.

    I loved her pose. I find it to be very revealing but also quite gentle.

    Even tho it is a sculpture made of firm material, what I feel about it now that She is very fragile….

    Fragile it is.


  11. Anonymous asked: I love the sculpture holding It's arms up and back. It gives me the impression of solitude and gloom, sentiments I relate to right at this instant feeling lonesome and anguished, just like the sculpture photo. :-)


  12. Anonymous asked: Pokemon X or Y?

    No Pokemon


  13. untitled on Flickr.


  14. untitled on Flickr.


  15. untitled on Flickr.